Thursday, 29 July 2010

The begining

Okayyyy so..
about 2 minutes ago i decided to make this blog. random.. i know but i was bord and i need to do something constructive with my time :L
this blog is mostly inspired by the beauty community on YouTube.. i have always wanted to make beauty video's.. but i don't really want the whole world to see me sat in my room talking about lipgloss :L so i figured that a blog would be a good alternative! i love beauty and make-up.. so this will be the main feature (:
however i will also have other blog posts more personal, like YouTube 'vlogs'.. totally weird but purposeful blogs explaining abit about my life- the things in it and stuff that has been going on recently. or just news or things i want to share with you :D

that's all for now

anna ♥